The only darkness is ignorance
(own temporary exhibition)

Education and care of the blind and weak-sighted in Slovenia

The exhibition shows the historical development of the Slovene Institution and School for the Blind, where the emphasis is mainly on their work in Kočevje in the period 1922-1944. It presents the progress and educational opportunities for the blind and weak-sighted and establishes the significance of the institution for the blind in different periods. It also relates the lives of the blind and weak-sighted in the past and nowadays and attempts to highlight their talents and creativity.

The exhibition is designed in three parts. The first shows the history of the development of education and care for blind and weak-sighted children. The second presents the life and schooling of pupils in the Kočevska Institute for the Blind, with an emphasis on the study of geography and basket-weaving. A classroom with old maps, a Braille typewriter and other teaching aids is on display. The third part of the exhibition shows modern tyflo teaching aids and methods to teach the blind and weak-sighted such as a mobile atlas, tactile pictures, an electronic magnifier and adapted computer equipment.

The desire of the exhibition designers is to emphasize the meaning of the institution to educate blind and weak-sighted pupils and the impact on their lives which due to the law on integration is of particular current interest. The exhibition is aimed and adapted to those with good vision as well as the blind and weak-sighted with a selection of suitably sized and coloured posters, printed matter, magnifiers for increased print size, text in Braille type, objects which can be touched to the largest possible degree, sound recordings of interviews with pupils from the Kočevje and Ljubljana institutions, music recordings from the group Slepi Potnik (Blind Traveller), and a film.



Pokrajinski muzej Kočevje, Prešernova ulica 11, 1330 Kočevje, tel.: 01/89 50 303, 051 269 972, faks: 01/89 50 305, 89 31 205,